More to be added as script developes

film noir inc

We make low-budget films and edit things!

up coming film project

"Rocks From The 4th Dimension"


They saved Edward D. Wood Jr's Brain and somebodies responsible!

Casting for:

Noir Man

Noir Girl


Giallo Man

Punk Girl

The Judge (Orson Welles type)

The Lawyer Girls

Ed Wood Jr


The Barefoot Vampire

The Manga Girl

The Muse Girl

Leni Riefenstahl

The 4th Dimensional Clown

Tor Johnson


Eva Braun

Bela Lugosi

The Bride Of Ed Wood Jr.

The Studio

Time Frame of the Production

Because of the low-budget nature of the movie, and the fact that this is a Art film I will be taking my time in making this movie, I see this as a year long project for me, not you, but me, Most of the scenes needed for the film will be shot is a few days of the actors work in the film, I see some actors will be needed for a longer time frame than others, I hope to find dedicated actors that want to work in this movie with me, There is pay, Because my studio is up in the mountains of Frazier Park (and not down in Hollywood) I will provide money for gas to get up here.

Good Food for All! ~ I love good food

I have a full nice big kitchen up here in my movie studio with lots of things to eat, there are also places up here to order food to be delivered, plus, right across the street from me is a health food place that you can get things at, at any rate, food will NEVER be a problem, it will always be on hand. And I love good food, just as I'm sure you do.

Parking ~ There is massive space for parking at my Studio

No need to worry about parking (like down in Hollywood) I have a massive parking lot all around my entire studio and it's all yours to park in.

Some Misc Pix of the Studio, Outside

Film Noir in the Snow

Placeholder Image

Inside Studio Pix coming soon

Yes, this is the inside of the studio

We have Green-screen, Backdrops, lights, cameras and more!

We will be shooting in 35mm, 16mm and digital and editing on DaVinci Resolve